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2015 Membership Renewal

timetorenewIt is that time again for renewing your membership.

We appreciate that in the present economic climate many of us are looking to reduce our out goings. However we hope you see your membership to the LCGB as one of life's essentials. We are confident you will agree the last 12 months have seen more improvements to the Club and the new Web site. A lot of people are still putting a huge amount of effort into making the LCGB the best lighter club in the world.

All on the Committee are dedicated to continuing to improve and grow the club in 2015 and we hope you will be with us, supporting and reaping the benefits.

Membership continues to be renewable in January. Due to the increased production cost of Blaze we will not be able to send you a copy if you have not renewed. We will of course send the missed copy as soon as you renew.

More info about how to pay the membership is on our Join the Club page.

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