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LCGB President 2014/15 Announcement

lcgb badge blank thumbWe are pleased to announce the appointment of the Club’s new President for the period 2014/15.

The selection of our President is based on choosing an individual who has made a very significant contribution to the Lighter collecting world. There is good news for our future President. Firstly they are given a personalised Sterling Silver LCGB logo Badge featuring their name and presidential dates and a corresponding Certificate. They are then forevermore listed amongst the most distinguished group of Club Presidents printed in every issue of Blaze. And finally, the Presidential Honour comes with no duties because they have already earned this appointment - other than the request that they wear their Presidential Badge at Lighter shows!

So this honour goes this year to someone who has consistently helped many Clubs and Collectors throughout a very long period of time – one of the more important criteria.

The name? Linda Meabon of Zippo.

Linda in her various roles within Zippo has represented Zippo at many Club Meetings and has no doubt engendered considerable good will towards Zippo by her consistent presence at both OTLS and PLPG shows. Often with her son Jason. And the goodies that she has organised for our own Club Auctions, as well as many other Clubs have been nothing short of marvellous and a welcome boost  to the funds of Lighter Collecting Clubs. We should also add that with the many Zippo Lighters and products that she shows and sells at Club meetings she has been an excellent Ambassodor for Zippo.

All in all Linda has been the centre point for Clubs and Zippo of a definite win-win for her company and the clubs. Well done Linda, thank you for all that you have done for Lighter Collecting and for Zippo themselves.

Our Congratulations.

From the Lighter Club of Great Britain, its Committee and its members.


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