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Outstanding FLINT magazine!!!

The Lighter Club of Great Britain is proud to present 5 issues of amazing Russian vintage lighters magazine "Flint"!

After a little break it is again on our website for everyone.

We have been supporting "Flint" since its first issue back in 2013 and we will continue to do so in future.

Huge thank you goes to Yura Zaichkoff, the "Flint" editor, for all the efforts and wonderful work!

Also big thank you to our Russian fellow collectors for the unselfishness in sharing their work and knowledge.

Please click the covers below to read.

thumb flint10 nov2015   thumb flint11 mar2016   thumb flint12 may2016   thumb flint13 aug2016   thumb flint14 dec2016
Flint No. 10   Flint No. 11   Flint No. 12   Flint No. 13   Flint No. 14

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